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Wrongful dismissal is the legal phrase relating to a situation where an employer terminates the work contract of the worker by breaching of the terms of the employment agreement. Fortunately, there are regulations in place to safeguard employees against an unlawful termination.

A wrongful dismissal or termination lawyer assist people to understand the rights of a worker, provided under the employment regulation.

After termination of the employment agreement, seek the services of an attorney to go through your contract and evaluate if there has been any breach. Qualified attorneys will then carry out a detailed examination of the reasons for your dismissal from work and counsel you.
Some of the reasons that need you to hire an attorney after dismissal from work.

Agreement To Do So In Good Faith

Termination of service when there is a pledge of good faith between employee and the boss leads to an unlawful termination suit. The agreement in good faith is necessary so that employees undertake their responsibility appropriately, and look forward to receiving the promised compensation of the agreement without the employer wrongly taking them away.


This is a characteristic situation for wrongful dismissal cases. If the dismissal from employment was due to your sex, religion, age, race, or disability, then one can file a lawsuit.

Inadequate Cause Or Reprisal

There are occasions where the firing of an employee is caused by the employee exercising their rights. If employers end the contract of an employee in retaliation for practically exercising on an employee’s rights, then that is a case of unlawful dismissal. Various states have different regulations, but some laws are general for example whistleblowing, exercising union rights, lawfully taking leave under the Medical Leave and Family Act, serving in the army, and other various infringements.

Unfriendly Work Atmosphere

There are situations where the employer has done an activity that forces an employee to quit, or the working conditions are terrible that an employee feels uncomfortable working and therefore resigns. Either way, an employee has resigned due to an unfriendly work environment and can look for a wrongful termination attorney.

Proving a Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuit

Similar to any other case, one must be able to show that termination was unlawful. Secure a reason from your employer if possible in writing. Also, acquire a copy of all the documents in personal files at work. The attorney can assist the client get the copies because the law doesn’t necessitate the employer to provide them. With these documents, one can build a strong case.

Likely Results Of A Lawsuit

There are several probable outcomes when you work with an unlawful termination legal representative. The employer may present a settlement to assist in keeping this as a secret. They do not want to go to court and the negative publicity created is not attractive to them. One may consider taking that money which depends on one’s decision.

You can also refuse it and carry on with the court proceedings so that it goes on evidence what they have done thus being held responsible. One can even be eligible for a settlement this way except that it can take longer to go through the judges. occasionally, it takes years before the lawsuit is completed.

If one wants the job back then it’s also achievable. However, it may be difficult to go back to the old routine after passing through all that trouble during the case. One needs to carefully consider that likelihood as well.

There is a possibility that a wrongful termination attorney won’t be able to show enough evidence to help in winning the lawsuit. Having worked in a company for a period, boast good appraisal, performed as expected, etc then it is easy for the lawyer to show there was no justice in the dismissal.


Compensation for unlawful dismissal of employment involves recall, front pay, punitive damages, compensatory damages, injunctive relief, etc. A knowledgeable unlawful discharge attorney can help to solve the matter between the boss and worker and get justice for employees who have been wrongfully released from duty. Normally, employment attorneys will represent the client without being paid.

Visit or contact an employment attorney to get a clearer understanding of employment regulations and the procedure to follow in filing a wrongful termination lawsuit. Every wrongfully treated worker is allowed by the law to file a court case and claim suitable compensation.