Accidents are unpredictable yet realistic occurrences. If you or a loved one passes away due to injuries sustained from an accident you may be eligible for a typical wrongful death settlement claim. This claim arises when a person loses their life due to the misconduct, negligence and improper behavior of another company, person or entity. The wrongful death claim has to be brought by the party that represents the deceased’s estate. The purpose of the claim is to intercede for the statutory beneficiaries who commonly include the spouses and children. Other claimants can be members of the immediate family or children aged above 18 years.

Some Of The Wrongful Death Claims Made

Not all accident cases that result in death qualify into the wrongful death category. For instance, where there was careless and negligent conduct from an over speeding or drunk driver, the law has no remedy. If it was a faulty vehicle that brought about the accident, this is another issue altogether. Alternatively, if a certain company had not enforced the right safety regulations on their faulty vehicles, this law does not apply to.

Is It Possible To File For Personal Injury And Wrongful Death At Once?

This is affirmative. You are at liberty to pursue damages for a personal injury that your loved one has been afflicted too. In legal terms, these damages are referred to as survival actions. They cover the pain and suffering of the deceased right before he or she passes away. The damages will be specifically apportioned to the deceased’s estate.

So, What Damages Can Be Recovered When A Wrongful Death Claim Is Filed?

First, the recipient can receive a reimbursement of the expenses incurred as a result of the death. For instance, funeral and medical costs. Secondly, one can make a claim for the victims’ wages and earnings which they will forfeit until the time for their retirement. Any benefits that they were entitled to such as medical coverage, pension, retirement plans and other savings are also up for debate. The legal team can also make an argument for the loss of affection, love, emotional support and companionship that has unfortunately befallen the remaining survivors.

How To File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

The best person who can look out for your interests in such a situation is a personal injury lawyer. To perform this role effectively they start out on a fact-finding mission to get the following details. First, they will ask for all the medical expenses that were incurred during the hospital stay by the deceased. They will also ask for all funeral-related costs and their receipts. As an aggrieved party, you must be able to demonstrate that the deceased’s earnings history and future forecasted earnings that were expected. Any benefits that may have been forfeit such as the deceased’s pension plan coverages too. Finally, there should be a demonstration of the loss of companionship and support to the remaining family members.


In the contexts of death resulting accidents, it is important to advise clients on the basics of tort and probate law. A clear understanding of where conflicts of interests might arise must be communicated. When the degree of dependency is being determined, the fact-finder normally departs from laws of intestacy and focus instead on the financial and emotional relationship between the party deceased and they’re next of kin. However, proceeds from survival actions are usually distributed pursuant to the will. If there is no will, the criteria used is based on the laws of intestacy. Click here to learn about the hand injury settlement.