photo of post-concusion syndrome

The post-concussion syndrome (PCS) usually occurs as a result of a blow to the head. It may also occur as a result of violent agitation, head movement or due to a car accident. The most common symptoms are a headache and dizziness. They can last for weeks and even months after the injury that caused the concussion.

Why Is Post-concussion Syndrome Dangerous?

Post-concussion syndrome is the most common manifestation of a disorder to be diagnosed in people who have suffered a mild brain injury. Statistics show an annual incidence of about 150 cases per 100,000 people. This accounting figure is not less than 75% of all registered cases of head injuries.

This syndrome is dangerous; some people may end up having coordination problems as well as suffering from incapacity for work. The most common way of incurring this type of injury is after being involved in an auto accident. Other places where you are likely to have an accident are your workplace, your home, or public places such as a mall.

What Should You Do?

You need to claim a compensation for the injury sustained. The injury can be proven either by your own testimony or through the testimony of your doctor. The statement from your doctor will prove that you did not only suffer a concussion but are already experimenting a post-concussion syndrome.

In addition, your doctor can testify that the concussion resulted from the accident. On the other hand, the jury needs to hear what your symptoms are, how long you have been experiencing them if you are unable to perform activities like work. In general, how affected you feel. He has to explain all this to the jury and prepare a good defense with his trusted lawyer.


Factors That Affect The Claim Amount

If your injury occurs in your workplace or due to an auto accident, the law protects you. Your employer or workers’ compensation insurance or auto insurance claims is required to pay you for your medical expenses that may include:

  • Treatment in the emergency room.
  • Diagnostic tests.
  • Several visits to the doctor.
  • Medicines to relieve your pain, including some antidepressants, antihypertensive agents, and antiepileptic agents
  • Physical therapy.
  • Surgery.

As with any type of personal injury claim, the amount of money you could qualify for depends on many criteria. The most important are:

  • Life expectancy.
  • The ability to communicate.
  • The risk of developing epilepsy.
  • The behavioral abnormality.
  • The degree of inability to work.
  • The limitation caused by the symptoms.
  • The amount of money you can aspire to receive depends on the severity of the injury.

How Much Is The Compensation Value?

The average settlement for post-concussion syndrome depends on the injury. Due to the nature of the injury, we can expect it to be rather high. Keep in mind that in all personal injury claims, the value you can receive depends on several factors, as such there is no fixed figure. More to be revealed below.

Concussion Compensation Calculator

The calculator is just a guide and is based on different factors. It is recommended to consult a lawyer for the actual claim you are entitled to. For example, in the UK, between £ 1,450 and £ 8,400 are awarded for minor head injuries that have resulted in the development of the post concussion syndrome. Between £ 10,000 and £ 28,250 for injuries that cause minor brain damage.

Whereas, in the United States, the laws protect those affected. With the help of a lawyer, you can receive up to $ 150,000 for an accident that causes you to have a post-concussion syndrome. In Australia, the laws provide that compensation may exceed A$ 16.000 AUD. Click here to learn more about the pelvic mesh lawsuit settlement amounts.