picture of a Vaginal Mesh

The pelvic mesh was created and introduced to medical fraternity in 1996.Since then the device has been used in helping a lot of women suffering from certain health issues. The health problem may tend to happen mostly with women experiencing childbirth, hysterectomy or menopause.

What happens to her body is painful and difficult to deal with. For her internal organs like bladder and rectum would start falling into vagina because her vaginal tissue supposed to be holding these body organs would no longer be working correctly.

Over hundred thousand of pelvic mesh lawsuits have been filed, and many of them remain unresolved. However, the multi-billion verdicts and settlements arrived at to date augur well for mesh victims who still await the decision of their cases.

Here are some of the pelvic mesh lawsuit settlements in favor of mesh victims in Johnson & Johnson case.

A Philadelphia Jury Awarded $20million To The Victim

In April 2017 a woman was awarded twenty million dollars by a Philadelphia jury. The woman claimed that she had been in constant pain because of her pelvic mesh where Johnson & Johnson Company was the manufacturer. The company’s spokesman said that they would appeal the decision.

A $13.5 Million Verdict Awarded To Sharon Of New Jersey

In Feb 2016, Sharon Carlino a resident of New Jersey got a judgment award of $13.5 million. According to the case, Carlino had received pelvic mesh for urinary stress incontinence. This left her with consistent agony and discomfort and to fix the device, two surgical attempts were tried but failed to rid her of pain. A $10 million verdict award came in the form of punitive damages.

Tessa Taylor, A Florida Resident, Got An Award Of $4.4 Million

Still, in Feb 2016 Tessa Taylor a resident in Florida got a $4.4 million verdict award. In the case, the jury found that an ObTape sling manufactured by Johnson and Johnson had inflicted bladder and back pain on her and she had difficulty in urinating for seven years. Taylor had received the mesh for treatment of involuntary urination. But, later on, she got re-diagnosed with the condition in spite having the device. The $4 million verdict was for punitive damages to prevent others from behaving the same way.

$12.5 Million Verdict Award Given To Patricia Hammons

Patrician Hammons, an Indiana resident, was a awarded $12.5 million judgment award including $7 million punitive damages. She had been implanted with an Ethicon Prolift device which she narrated had caused her much pain, incontinence, and sexual difficulties even after corrective surgery procedure had been done.

Pamela Wicker Got A Settlement Award Of $5 million

In September a plaintiff named Pamela Wicker got a settlement verdict award of $5 million. She’d been implanted with Prolift mesh device. In the case, she claimed that the device eroded her insides and forced her to undergo several surgeries to rid of it.


The above are some of the settlement cases involving Johnson & Johnson and mesh victims. One thing to note is that in these cases the punitive damages that were handed by the jury underpins the claim by women that mesh manufacturers showed shocking misconduct for not alerting their patients on side effects of the device. Click here to learn more about the traumatic brain injury settlement.