With medical research and technology advancing at an amazing rate many are falling victim to failing devices. Hundreds have documented the device’s shortcomings.¬†As for the Optease IVC filter, some have even filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

To explain in short an Inferior Vena Cava filter is a device implanted by surgeons used to stop a blood clot from traveling through your body causing a Pulmonary Embolism, a situation that is commonly known to be life-threatening. While the filter sounds great in theory many are reporting the device it self-collapsing, perforating or migrating and causing complications all on its own.

Common side effects from these occurrences include internal bleeding, lower limb deep vein thrombosis, constant or severe pain in the heart, chest and difficulty breathing and unfortunately death is a major concern. These side effects can be life changing or simply minor on their own but combined with the constant aggravation of body movement and implant site/perforation causing internal infection looming the after effects can be debilitating.

To date, there are a small group of individuals looking to hold the manufacturer accountable for the faulty equipment unknowingly provided to the trusted Doctors. Some are claiming that some Doctors were not to be trusted to begin with and this is another example of insurance fraud. With medical insurance awareness at its peak the speculations that these overpriced microdevices are inadequately made by the cheapest developer leaving the patients to endure the process of removal and replacement.

To add to the stress of the blood clot they were originally concerned about, patients’ quality of life begins to deteriorate when you factor in not only the physical side effects the emotional roller coaster is exhausting. An estimated 33,00 Optease IVC filters were recalled in March 2013 by the FDA for a labeling error used to show Doctors how to implant the device, apparently, the instructions were placing the implant in backward.

Class action lawsuits look to be promising with the manufacturer themselves not only providing sub-par devices but also failing to demonstrate correct use of the equipment after tens of thousands had been distributed for use in patients. Highly recognized and awarded Doctors are also standing with the lawsuit.

To think of the hours of the paper trail it would take to contact all patients is staggering, so people are beginning to speak out and call attention to the problem themselves. Contacting a trusted and knowledgeable Law Firm is proved to be the best action when dealing with the pharmaceutical companies.

As they have the legal advice of their own individual cases are pushed to the side or settled for substantially less money than those involved in a class action lawsuit. The Optease IVC filter lawsuit has been growing in number through the years as much more come forward to report their injury, pains, and damages.

Some have lost loved ones due to the device failing. Some have simply lost their time dealing with additional appointments with specialists. All those combined have lost faith in the Optease IVC filter.