Slander, which is a spoken defamation of another person’s character can be hard to prove in the court of law. Well, lack of sufficient evidence will cause the case to get dismissed. Therefore, before suing somebody else for defamation, there are factors to consider. These factors will determine how much money you get from the lawsuit.

Gathering Sufficient Evidence

This is the first step in every case. Gather enough factual evidence to build your case. First and foremost, you will have to prove that the slanderous statements were directed towards you, that the statements said were mere lies and lastly that the statements injured your reputation. In court, you will be required to present adequate evidence for your case.

Another important aspect at this stage is evaluating the damage caused. If the slanderous statement only bruised your ego well too bad. There will be no payment. So, you will also be required to present documentation on the damage caused. If the statements affected your business or life negatively then you will have to document how and show proof.

Find Legal Help

This is an important step. It is almost impossible to win a slander case without a good lawyer. It would be prudent to find a lawyer that specifically specializes in slander lawsuits. They can tell whether your case is strong enough to win in court. A good lawyer is one who will convince the court that justice should be served as opposed to seeking revenge.

Finding a good lawyer can be costly especially if the lawsuit fails. He/she can also propose an out of the court settlement that can be good for the two of you. Be open to such suggestions.

The amount of money you get purely depends on the extent of the damage caused that can be proven. Therefore, find the best lawyer and gather enough evidence. Sometimes, a slander lawsuit can cause loses if you are not careful. It is important to determine if it is worth the suit. Currently, damages are capped at about $300,000.00