The very purpose of Hospitals and medical institutions is to ensure good health of people and save lives as well. But there are cases where these life-saving institutions have been the very cause of death in many cases. Though the cause may not be the result of a deliberate act, they still have to take responsibility for cases of negligence. So when a lawsuit is issued against an institution in such cases, they will have to pay the family of the deceased. So the question is, what is the average payout for medical negligence resulting in death?

As per the latest report, in the last two years, there have been about 2300 cases of death due to medical negligence. NHS has paid over £100 million towards compensation settlement to the families. The average is therefore about £50,000 per settlement, however, the actual sum may vary from case to case. A lot of reports and analysis are carefully examined before quoting a price for settlement. A lot of factors is considered in such cases; such as the age of the deceased, medical conditions, treatment underwent, criticality of the condition, duration of stay in the hospital, a previous medical condition of deceased, etc.

Causes Of Negligence

There are hundreds of different types of errors that lead to the death of a patient. Some of the most common reasons are as follows:

1. Overdose of medication
2. Wrong treatment due to lack of knowledge
3. Critical case dealt by junior and less experienced doctors
4. Delay in diagnosis
5. Unavailability of emergency medication or equipment
6. Incorrect anesthesia dosage
7. Delay in treatment
8. Childbirth injuries
9. Missing diagnosis
10. Errors while surgery

There are many cases where a person attends to a regular health checkup or visits hospitals for minor health problems. Even in such simple and non-complicated cases, if the there is an error in the prescription of medication or dosage, the condition can become critical. So death due to medical negligence can happen to anyone regardless of their present health condition. And when something like that occurs in your family, it is better to seek legal assistance so you are rightly compensated for your huge loss.

Negligence From A Pharmacist

When the doctors prescribe medication to a patient, it is the pharmacist’s duty to ensure there are no errors in the name of a medicine. They must be knowledgeable enough to read and understand the prescription with 100% accuracy. Even a single milligram of difference in a medicine can make a huge difference in the patient’s health. And most importantly, the medicines must not have exceeded the expiry date. So it is obvious that pharmacists must keep tab of those basic things. But there are cases where huge negligence has occurred from pharmacies too. So death due to such negligence attracts huge penalty and compensation payout.

Legal Support

As a layman, you may identify that the hospital or the medical institution’s negligence is the cause of the death. But you may not have knowledge and experience in dealing with it directly. By seeking legal help, you can not only get a better six-figure compensation amount but your settlement can be very quick too. So anyone who feels that medical negligence was the cause of the death of a family member, must approach a legal expert.