There are two types of cases which plaintiff can take the court. The first case is the per se representation whereby the plaintiff is supposed to defend him or herself. The second case is where the attorney is the one required to represent the plaintiff.

Among these two cases, the only case which the company funding the lawsuit loan allows them to fund the loans is the case where the attorney is present. This is done by these companies due to the many benefits they find from the attorney.

Here are 5 reasons for dealing with cases with the attorney:

Retainer agreement

Having the attorney as the representer of the plaintiff in a case is a must qualification to posses in order to acquire the lawsuit loan. This is simply because, in order for the attorney to represent the plaintiff, there must be a retainer agreement with the attorney which is based on contingency.

When in need of the lawsuit loan, this agreement is submitted to company funding the loan. This agreement is important as it specifies to the funding company that their loan will be repaid as they are not making a deal of loan repayment with a plaintiff who is minus the attorney who may opt to benefit from all the case proceeds as he or she is the one responsible and the distributor of the proceeds.

Instead, they are dealing with cases where an attorney is available where there is maximum confidence as the attorney is in control of the case and all the case gains have to pass through the trust account of the attorney before any distribution is done.

Professional attorney

When the attorney is dealing with the case, the insurance companies opposing are aware that they are dealing with an expert who is qualified and who earns contingency fee for representing the case. Bearing in mind that the representation is professional, the probability of the attorney winning the case is high, hence, the company in charge of loan funding is sure that the loan will be repaid.

Qualified lawsuit filer

The company funding the lawsuit loan fear to offer loans to a plaintiff due to the instance where the lawsuit needs to be filed so that the case can be taken further. The plaintiff may not qualified to do the filing and this may make the case not to settle. Therefore, when a professional attorney is available, the detailed and complicated process is keenly passed through and this increases the chances of winning the case.

Professionally trained

The attorney is also beneficial to the plaintiff as he or she creates confidence of winning the case to the plaintiff. This is because the attorney is trained in such a way that all the questions and doubts the plaintiff may be having, the attorney is able to answer and solve them all.

When the plaintiff is confident of winning and getting justice, the loan funding company is confident to give out the loan as the attorney has no doubt of losing the case.Apart from that, having the attorney in pursuing the claim, it is one way of building the plaintiff’s case as the attorney has expertise in handling the injury cases perfectly.

Therefore, bearing in mind that the one to represent the plaintiff’s case is well trained to pursue the case before the defendant and the court, giving out the loan is easy as what the Lawsuit Loan Company needs is the assurance that the case will go through and their loan will be repaid.


The attorney is one who is so must trustworthy. So long as the payments are made to him or her„you can expect the best in all ways from him or her. Once the payment is made, the attorney is trustworthy to both the funding company and the plaintiff on honoring the existing lines of any case. He or she is also trusted in proper distribution of proceeds from the case as well as best advisor of the plaintiff.

This maximum trust from the attorney ensures that the decision of plaintiff to seek for the loan is right and proper in that case hence, the company is confident.


Finally, it is good to note and keep in mind that the main reason to why the Lawsuit Loan Company denies the plaintiff the right to acquire the loan minus the attorney is to create confidence as the main aim of it is to get a loan repaid after the settling of the case.