ivc filter compensation payout

The Inferior-Vena-Cava (IVC) filter is a medical device that is implanted in a large vein called IVC, in the abdomen, for preventing a blood clot from going all the way up through the heart and as well as the lungs. This procedure is generally done by vascular surgeons or interventional radiologists.

The risks that are associated with this procedure are many. Chances of infection when the skin is penetrated is among the most public risks. Doctors who are performing this procedure also need to be careful about the medium or the contrast material they are using to ensure that the patient does not suffer any allergic reaction when the material is injected.

Procedures that involve the placement of a catheter as an IVC filter, in the blood vessel involves a lot of risks like blood vessel rupture, bleeding at the site that has been opened up for placing the catheter, and risks of infection. Placing the IVC filter in the wrong place or the IV filter changing its position and moving through the veins can be a serious issue. If the filter or a piece of it breaks loose, it can prove to be fatal and can cause serious health complications and even result in death.

If the IVC filter is causing severe health complications to the patient who has undergone the procedure, the patient can file a lawsuit against the hospital where the procedure was performed and get a settlement depending on the severity of the damage that has been caused to them.
Who can file IVC Filter Lawsuits? IVC lawsuits can be filed by victims when: – Perforation of IVC (Inferior Vena Cava) due to the IVC filter

  • The procedure has resulted in infection
  • The filter breaks loose and moves through the veins to other parts of the body and has resulted in severe health complications including organ damage
  • The faulty IVC cannot be possibly removed from the victim’s body

Perforation of IVC (Inferior Vena Cava) due to the IVC filter:

The tiny IVC filter penetrating the vena-cava-wall is a serious complication and among the most known issues that victims face and it is something that should not be ignored. Along with penetrating the vena-cava-wall, the IVC filter can also cause damage to the surrounding organs including the duodenum, aorta, Retroperitoneal (the space in the abdomen behind the peritoneum) and the Ureter. These perforations are caused by the IVC’s filter struts.

Procedure resulting in Infection

Endovascular infections and infections like Bacteremia during filter insertion are also health issues that victims suffer from when the site penetrated gets infected. This can occur if the radiologist or the doctor who is performing the procedure does not follow strict techniques for sterilization while inserting the filter.

Filter Fracture:

This is a very serious health complication that can cause severe damage a patient’s health. These wire cage like recovery filters are implanted in a patient’s vein to trap blood lumps and prohibits the clots from entering the heart and the lungs and thus preventing pulmonary embolism.

It is generally advised to remove the IVC filter if it is no longer needed in the body or after the patient has been completely cured of pulmonary embolism, as the longer it stays in the body, the higher are the risks of the filter fractures or filter fragments causing injury and severe health complications like organ perforations, blood clots, etc.

Regardless of whether injuries were caused to the patient or not, many lawyers welcome to examine the case and offer a free consultation to evaluate and see if the patient is entitled to any compensation.

Faulty IVC Cannot be Removed from the Patient’s Body:

All the retrievable IVC filter devices are supposed to be removed from the patient’s body once the patient no longer faces the risk of pulmonary embolism. If for some reason, the IVC filter cannot be retrieved or removed from the patient’s body, the patient can file a lawsuit.

Patients who have to live with a faulty IVC stuck inside their body, face the risk of the filter fracturing and the broken pieces can rupture the partitions of the aorta and perforate the vena-cava-wall and can also pierce the surrounding organs resulting in organ damage.

IVC Filter Cash Payouts

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had issued a warning to the public in the year 2010 and informed people about the known long-term risks that are associated with the IVC filter devices.

These long-term risks included filter mitigation to various parts of the body especially the heart and the lungs, Deep-Vein-Thrombosis (DVT), perforation and filter fracture. It was then that the FDA recommended that these filter devices are retrievable and a short-term solution for the patients.

Most of the lawsuits for IVC filter are for common injuries and fewer payouts. Settlements involving large claims have to be tried in the court in front of the jury after which the manufacturer will be told the amount they have to pay as compensation to the victim. From device mitigation to filter fracture to endovascular infections, victims can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and get a settlement depending on the severity of their case.

These lawsuits also help to inform the physicians and patients about those manufacturers who have manufactured faulty IVC filter devices that have cause serious health complications and also put the patient’s life in danger.

Some of the most known IVC lawsuits include the filter breaking into pieces or moving from its place and moving all the way up the heart as well to the lungs and puncturing organs along the way, endangering the patient’s life. Blood clots forming at the place where the IVC device was placed is also another issue that victims have filed a lawsuit for.

Law firms strive to resolve these lawsuits that are filed by victims who have suffered injuries and other health complications or by the victim’s loved ones who lost them due to the severe and fatal health issues caused by the faulty device. Many law firms also offer pre-settlement lawsuit funding for many lawsuit cases.

Law firms generally don’t take money for evaluating the case and also they will charge their client only after they have received a settlement for their lawsuit. Depending on the severity of the damage that has been caused, the victim can claim a settlement up to $750,000. The minimum compensation that a victim of a faulty IVC filter is entitled to be $200,000.