Rear enders refer to an accident whereby one car hits another motor vehicle from behind. This may result in the person inside the vehicle hit to be injured or not. Insurance Corporation of British Colombia (ICBC) deals with majorly vehicle insurance. This corporation also covers collisions like rear-ender.

ICBC For Rear-Ender Average Payout

The amount to be awarded to a victim depends on the injuries the person suffered and has nothing to do with the damages on the vehicle. It purely depends on the victim’s loss. The greater the loss the greater the size of the settlement.

Factors That Determine Average ICBC Settlement For Rear-Ender

The One At Fault

If the victim is found to be responsible for this crash, then there will be no compensation but if the cause of the injuries is from somebody else then there will be a payout to the extent of the loss suffered.

Type Of Injuries

The injuries suffered by the victim will vary depending on the crash.As a result, the amount awarded to the victim will be determined by medical examinations which will provide evidence on whether injuries are major or minor and the time it will take them to heal. For instance, soft tissue injuries will range from a minimum of $ 6000 to $ 15000.

Effect Of The Injuries On Victim’S Life Enjoyment And Employment

Non-pecuniary damages are the amounts awarded to the victim because of the injuries suffered that will lead to that person being unable to enjoy life as they used to before the accident.The maximum amount to be paid in this is $ 300,000.A person is entitled to receive money for past income which will be calculated from the time the accident happened and when settlement is being made.

This corporation also compensates for future income loss if it proved that because of the injuries the victim will not be able to get or continue with employment.If the injured person will not be able to perform chores like cooking or cleaning in future or will need an equipment like wheelchair because of the injuries sustained will be entitled to receive future care benefits.

Also, the settlement will include amounts to compensate people taking care of the victim as long as there is evidence that the service provider will suffer a financial loss since they will not be going to work as they stay in the house looking after the victim. If the victim does not suffer any loss, then there is no compensation.