Given today’s economy, it is important to hang on to your job if you have one. Whether you work in a construction site or office building, there is a risk of injury. Some accidents may result in greater health problems than others and therefore lead to more time off as you recover.

It is important to know, therefore, what you can expect from Workman’s Compensation in such a situation. What is covered by Workman’s Comp as far as your bills, salary, and other expenses that arise when you are not working?

How Worker Comp Works

Medical Care

You could receive compensation for a variety of medical expenses, including hospital stays and doctor visits, surgical procedures, and prescription medication and equipment like crutches. Depending on the state regulating your compensation, the benefits may not cover treatments deemed alternative, like chiropractic care and certain types of therapy. If you feel these practices can aid in your healing, you may wish to obtain the services of an injury attorney who will help you better understand your state laws.

Rehab Services

If physical therapy is required following your injury to get you back to working condition, your benefits may cover the cost of care and other expenses.

Missed Wages

You may also qualify to receive a percentage of earnings missed because you had to take time off from the job to recover from your injury. If your injury leaves you unable to return to your job, Workman’s Comp may cover any training and education costs involved in moving you to a new position.


Disability benefits largely depend on the severity of your accident. If your injury leaves you permanently or temporarily unable to return to your job, or work at all, you may be entitled to monetary benefits.

If you feel you have not received due compensation following problems at work, retaining the services of an accident lawyer is a good step in ensuring that you get what you need as you recover. Know the law for compensation in your state and be prepared.