For many years, surgeons across the globe have used a special tool known as hernia mesh to repair damaged hernias. Unfortunately,
this tool has been subject to numerous recalls.

The tool has resulted in thousands of after-surgery complications that have led to endless lawsuits from patients who have been hurt by the device. Today, even more, such mesh brands have been linked to arising complication.

If you had undergone a hernia mesh repair surgery using the Ethicon, Atrium C-Qur or Physiomesh brands, you might be at risk. Any infection, pain or bleeding that arises afterward might be arising from the failure.

photo of an abdominal hernia mesh

Lawsuits Involving Hernia Surgical Mesh

What can you do when the surgical repair goes bad? The best way to settle the score is to use legal means, particularly a lawsuit. Hernia mesh implants have been used in surgeries for decades. Having been around for a while there has been a trail of evidence-based dangers relayed by its victims.

The manufacturer is tasked with the responsibility to ensure that their product poses no danger or risk to patients. If a hernia abdominal mesh these companies manufacture are linked with numerous complications, you are in a strong position to sue for compensation.

Do You Need An Injury Attorney To Claim Compensation?

If you want to get the full settlement amount, you will need the best legal help available. One who has handled such cases before is your best bet. The lawyer will review the medical records which determine the cause of your suffering.

Experts will also be brought to prove that the hernia mesh products are directly linked to the complications you suffer. Statistics show that those who seek compensation with an attorney get the 3 times higher payout than those who pursue it by themselves.

In addition, you can go about your daily business as the attorney does the rest of the hard work for you. There are several attorneys that offer their clients a no-win, no-fee representation.

What Is A Hernia Mesh?

This is a unique medical device specifically used to repair hernias in certain kinds of surgery. It acts as a prosthesis which is surgically implanted into your body to support any protruding organs. In some cases, doctors staple the implants to maintain their position.

What Makes Up The Mesh?

There are different brands and types which are made out of different materials. The implant has a structured and interlaced network of fibers.

Meshes for hernias can be made out of synthetic material or animal tissues. The synthetic material is absorbable or non-absorbable. On the other hand, the animal mesh arises from processed disinfected parts of some animals.

Hernia Mesh Recalls

Due to the adverse effects of the complications that arise from a mesh for a hernia, several brands have been recalled recently. The main complications that arise are the pain, recurrence, infection, adhesion, perforation, and obstruction.

Coping with a situation of recalled hernia mesh is difficult as it cannot be likened to buying a recalled consumer food item. The mesh is already embedded in your body.

A good number of patients are not aware of which kinds of mesh their doctors used. Click here to learn more about the medical malpractice settlement.