delta airlines delay compensation

Flight delays are usually a cause of great inconvenience to the travelers. Some delays are inevitable and beyond the control of the airlines while others are solely the responsibility of the carrier, and for which, compensation must be given to the inconvenienced travelers where appropriate.

If you have ever experienced a delay in your Delta flight, you should be aware that you may be entitled to compensation. However, not all delays will warrant a compensation, and this is why it is essential to know the specific instances when flight delay compensation is applicable at Delta Airlines.

Here is a basic guideline to provide you with the necessary information:

Delays Beyond The Airline’s Control

When delays or cancellations are due to force majeure such as weather conditions and unforeseen conditions, then Delta Airlines will have no liability whatsoever, and there will be compensation to the inconvenienced travelers.

Interruption Of Travels For More Than Four Hours

However, if a flight is interrupted for more than four hours after the departure time for reasons other than force majeure, and the interruptions result in delays or flight cancellation, the airline will provide compensation in the following forms and amenities to the affected customers: if overnight accommodation is needed, such will be provided at Delta-approved facilities, and the passenger will get a voucher for a one night’s lodging, if the delay is between 10.00pm and 6.00am.

The airline will also provide free public transportation to the hotel if such is not offered by the hotel. If there is no accommodation available, the airline will provide the passenger with a voucher of up to $100 which may be used on a future travel date.

In terms of lodging and other amenities, if the flight is diverted to another airport, the airline will provide ground transportation to the destination airport if it happens that the destination airport and the airport indicated in the ticket fall in the same category.

Delta will also avail additional amenities necessary to maintain reasonable safety and welfare of the passenger.

Onboard Ground Delays

Delta Airlines has a contingency plan to ensure that enough resources are availed to meet the requirements of extended delays on the tarmac. The company will provide food and drinking water within two hours after the plane leaves the gate for departures or arrivals if the plane stays on the tarmac after touch down. Operable lavatory services, medical attention as well as comfortable cabin temperatures will also be availed.

Involuntary Denied Booking

In instances of oversold flights, the airline may refuse to board passengers with confirmed bookings. Before such a denial is issued, however, the airline will request passengers to voluntarily give up their seats in exchange for credit vouchers or transportation credits.

The maximum amount in credit voucher the company can give according to the law is $1350 per seat, and if the passenger chooses a transportation credit, then the credit will be redeemable within one year at the company’s website.

The airline will also offer transportation to the affected travelers on their first available flight to the passenger’s destination. If accommodation is required, the airline will provide hotel accommodation at Delta-approved facilities at no additional charges.

If accommodation is unavailable, the passenger will be given credit voucher commensurate in value with the Delta-approved facility rate up to $100.