Ectopic simply means misplaced, and therefore ectopic pregnancy implies a pregnancy which happens outside a woman’s womb or the uterus. In a common pregnancy, the baby is going to be born inside the uterus, where it will grow over a period of 9 months. A type of pregnancy which ends up going outside a woman’s uterus is potential to cause danger. Once the embryo grows in an enclosed area, it can’t go anywhere, it keeps getting bigger, and the woman is going to experience different symptoms.

Once such circumstances take place, the woman is required to consult a doctor immediately. The doctor should determine where that pregnancy is occurring, the duration of time the pregnancy has already progressed, and whether that pregnancy is viable.

Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy

In case the pregnancy happened outside a woman’s uterus and it gradually grows, the woman is going to experience different symptoms that are:

• Pain on the back or pain on one side of the abdomen
• Pain in the shoulder’s tip
• Vaginal bleeding
• Passing feces turns painful
• Feeling faint
• Diarrhea

Treatment Options

When your doctor fails to discover that a woman’s pregnancy is happening outside a woman’s uterus, the woman may end up with some devastating results. Among the most vital scenarios is a rupture and the woman may bleed to death. If your doctor discovers where a woman’s pregnancy is happening, he is going to carry out a surgery, most likely remove a woman’s fallopian tube, and save that woman’s life.

When the ectopic pregnancy is discovered in its early stages, particular medications may be offered to treat the condition. However, in case the pregnancy has already progressed too much, and the medication will not offer any help, surgery is the only alternative. There are two kinds of surgeries that are performed for the ectopic pregnancy:

• Salpingotomy – In this kind of surgery, your doctor is going to remove that pregnancy and leave the fallopian tube intact.

• Salpingectomy – In this kind of surgery, a woman’s fallopian tube is going to be removed along with that pregnancy.
Any of the surgeries is going to be performed prior to rupture of the tube.

What Instances Can Someone File The Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Ectopic pregnancy can happen on the grounds for filing the medical malpractice lawsuit once such kind of pregnancy is not diagnosed by your doctor, or once an inappropriate and or an incorrect type of treatment is given for that condition. This might happen in some of the following ways:

  • The doctor happens to misread the symptoms of the ectopic pregnancy and does not offer any treatment.
  • A routine scanning is done during a woman’s pregnancy, however, when a doctor fails to find the fetus in a woman’s uterus, he fails to explore further or even order some tests.
  • The doctor finds the symptoms to be those of ectopic pregnancy, however; the doctor fails to order more tests for confirming that diagnosis.
  • The doctor detects ectopic pregnancy, however, delays the treatment, that causes complications
  • The doctor prescribes an incorrect or an inappropriate medication once the ectopic pregnancy has been diagnosed early.
  • The doctor becomes negligent or rather careless, once performing the surgery, that leads to complications and even death.

Therefore, ectopic pregnancy might occur due to a case of medical malpractice, where the affected woman can claim a compensation for the injuries and suffering. In case you have such a case, seek help from the experts. They can offer you a free consultation with the lawyer and an experienced doctor.