can you make an asbestosis claim

One of the main reasons behind harmful respiratory diseases is asbestos. Asbestos fibers are naturally occurring and usually generated through occupations like painting and decorating, plumbing, power stations and likewise. Thus, basically one could call it an occupational hazard and several countries have now legally banned it. If you contract any respiratory disease due to asbestos fibers then you could claim for asbestosis compensation.

Diseases caused by asbestos

Asbestos fibers cause jeopardizing diseases related to the respiratory organs. They could even lead to cancer and loss of life. The dust particles are life-threatening and give rise to disease like Asbestosis, Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer, Pleural Thickening and Pleural Plaques. On detecting such problems, you can claim for compensation which comes with a time limit of three years from the day the illness was first detected.

Claiming compensation online

In today’s web-age, you don’t need to look places to know the procedure and other conditions while claiming for the compensation. It can be done in the comfort of your couch through online help sites. These sites not only help you claim for compensation but also stand by you throughout the process. All one needs to do is fill in a simple online form. It requires you to fill in basic details like name, email id, and phone number. You also have to mention the right time when they can contact you alongside diagnosis and date of diagnosis.

Diseases warranting claim for asbestosis

You could claim for compensation in case of several diseases. To begin with, Asbestosis is extremely harmful and caused due to prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers. Frequent coughing and wheezing can be seen in people with such problems as the lungs are not strong enough to supply oxygen. Mesothelioma is again a fatal terminal cancer and could be caused even if you breathe in one fiber. Lung cancer could also be the result of prolonged inhaling of asbestos fiber. In addition, if you are a heavy smoker then there would be frequent coughing, phlegm, and loss of appetite. Pleural Thickening leads to the lining of lungs that later start thickening and you would suffer from tightened chest and shortness of breath.

Benefits of asbestosis compensation claim

The received compensation would help the sufferer in several ways. It could repay the losses incurred due to inactivity. The person can further continue with the treatment. Moreover, it acts as a support system both emotionally and financially. The online help site and claim option make it a much easier process. You will be explained in detail about the validity of your claim and whether it is reasonable enough to gain success. Furthermore, the online team stands by you throughout the process guiding you through every step.


As you know that asbestosis takes really a long period to be apparent after the contamination, even to the extent of 20 years, many of the companies in whose workplace the victim might have contracted the disease, some service providers will get the claims for the victims from the ensuring companies that had covered the companies through the companies no more exist. If you worked in different companies and are unsure where you got the disease there is a provision to get the compensation from the government.